Lash Extension Education, Training & Certification

Basic & Advanced Classes Offered

**all students MUST carry a current Cosmetologist or Esthetician’s license in the state they plan to work in.

**We are hiring!!!  We will only hire Lash Artists who have successfully completed our course

The Lush Lash curriculum is a unique blend of theory and practical hands-on training delivered by our knowledgeable, enthusiastic, Advanced Lash Artist & Trainer, Lindsay. We absolutely guarantee that our unique application method will provide your clients with long, luscious damage-free lash extensions that will change the way they look and feel!  With the increasing popularity of lash extension services, there is also an increase in lash artists whom are  poorly trained  or providing too fast, subpar services. It is my passion to train responsible, hard working lash artists that are equally passionate about being at the top of the industry and providing a pain free, damage free service, using proper techniques and materials. With our support and ongoing counsel, as well as your hard work, you are guaranteed to succeed in this industry.

Our exemplary training and certification program is the only one of it’s kind in the Inland Northwest. Our students receive high caliber training by the best in the industry. In order to receive your Lush Lash Certification, you must demonstrate that you fully comprehend the individual concepts and lash application theory. You must also be able to perform the technique sufficiently and confidently while being supervised.

With Lush Lash education, you will be on your way to becoming a highly desirable lash artist who provides top quality, damage-free lash extensions.  Classes are mostly one on one training and never more than 4 students per trainer.  We include lash application observation as well as hands on training on a mannequin and a live model of your choice.

Basic Lash Level Course :

  • The “Basics” of Classic Lash Extensions
  • Lash Isolation Techniques
  • Lash & Product Characteristics
  • Consultations & Consent
  • Eye Safety, Health & Proper Sanitation
  • Safe Lash Removal
  • Lash Design for different facial and eye shapes
  • Ongoing Support to help you fully succeed!
  • Classic Lash Kit Included
  • Business Tips to help you succeed


Advanced Lash Level Course:

One year of Classic lash application preferred before taking this course.

  • The “Basics” of Volume/Russian Lash Extensions 
  • multiple techniques taught to create volume fans
  • Lash Isolation Techniques
  • Lashes & Product Characteristics
  • Consultations & Consent
  • Eye Safety & Sanitation
  • Safe Lash Removal
  • Advanced Lash Design & Lash mapping
  • Ongoing Support
  • Volume Lash Kit Included



To learn more about the Basic or Advanced Level Courses, please contact us today!